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to Our Festival!

The 2022 Delacombe Primary School Writers' Festival celebrates all things nautical.

Our students' writing will take you on a journey along the ocean floor and through antarctic ice-scapes. You will delve into the depths and meet creatures that hunt their prey in the darkness. You will see the impact that humanity has brought to our seas but hope for the future with the beautiful artwork on display.

Our thanks to our wonderful guests today for our awards presentation:

  • Juliana Addison – Member for Wendouree

  • Ann Angelopoulos – The Writing Model

  • Anne Gawith - Senior Education Improvement Leader

  • Emma Remilton - Education Improvement Leader

  • Brad Lane, Nadine Cameron and Julie-Anne Fins  - Phoenix P-12 Community College Primary

  • Patrick Clark (Assistant Principal) - Phoenix P-12 Community College

Enjoy the Festival!

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