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Welcome to our 2023 Delacombe Primary School Writers' Festival!

The Writing Model is a whole school strategy-based approach that focuses on students using Figurative Language strategies in all writing styles- rather than focusing on the teaching of genre and text type in isolation. At Delacombe Primary School, we scaffold student learning by explicitly modelling writing strategies which provides students with the opportunity to delve into the language and vocabulary related to a specific theme. Students explore a range of hooks in the form of theme related videos and photos to draw out rich vocabulary and practise using them in their writing across descriptive, narrative and persuasive pieces.

The Writers’ Festival is a showcase of the progress we have made throughout the year. All students create a description text, related to a whole school topic, that is then displayed around the school. Every student takes pride in planning and publishing their description and creating the artwork that complements their brilliant writing. The work of all students is used to decorate our school hallways- under normal conditions families and community members are then welcomed into our school to view the hard work of our students.

This year our students invite you to explore to magic of Australia...

Our foundation students have delved into describing our breathtaking Australian birds. Our grade ones have indulged in some of our most loved Aussie snacks while the grade twos feast on the traditional Aussie BBQ. Our grade three students have taken a trip around our stunning rainforests, our grade 4 students have been inspired by deadly and dangerous creatures and the grade 5's have investigated some of our most bizarre things to see. Finally, our grade 5 students have imagined the disasters of fire and flood and the beauty of coming together as a community.

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